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Thread: High seat helpers

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    High seat helpers

    Hi All
    Yesterday morning Andy and I were putting a new high seat on some of my roe ground.
    When we got there there were a couple of deer out and by the time we finished there were seven out, three bucks and four does.

    They were very relaxed only moving when we drove up the field to replace the seat at the other end, by the time we left two were back out again.


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    Now thats just taking the p**s.

    Nice photo's mate


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    Quote Originally Posted by 243varmint View Post

    Now thats just taking the p**s.

    Nice photo's mate

    Hi Jon
    We had rifles with us we had been after Fallow first thing, but the Roe are safe for a bit.


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    Nice photos Wayne,thats a big group of roe

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    none of them appear to be lay on the floor permanently asleep???
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    hi wayne
    the bit you mentioned last week looks very good for starters
    regards pete .

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    Nice one wayne, i take it this is the bit we spoke about ? nice one and nice photos, speak soon.

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    Looks like a great bit of land- cracking pictures

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    Yes it is a fantastic area for Roe. As Wayne said, we were in the area at first light on the look out for some Fallow bucks and then planned to erect a new seat and change another seat in the same field.
    We had hoped to do the work nice and quickly and get back to domestic bliss . I expect we spent a couple of hours working but at least two hours going backwards and forwards to the truck to get the binos for a look as each deer came out to join the others. Didn't get back very early but a great morning to be out.

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