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Thread: Gun Laws in an Indepandant Scotland

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    Gun Laws in an Indepandant Scotland

    Has anyone heard anything about any kind of firearms law policy should King Alex get his way? I know he's keen on banning the 7ft nuclear calibre, and I've heard mutterings about licensing all airguns, but has anyone heard anything else? Being a Nuclear Engineer and Trident Submariner, I have no truck with the buffoons who wish to split this country. All I've ever heard from the SNP who seem to have little understanding of the countryside, is always more, not less, legislation.


    Future mercenary in the Royal Navy.

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    No only that those south of Hadrians wall will need Visitors Permits when they come up here to stalk

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    It's not so much a case about what the SNP have planned, who says they would be in power forever? The one thing that worries me most about independance is if Scottish Labour got into power, which is very much a reality, and we have no house of Lords to block all their anti-fieldsports ********!

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    I'd say laws are more likely to be relaxed to accomodate rural sports and pursuits, re-introduction of pistols, postal allowances for expanding ammo, no limit on ammo holdings...actually, FAC, who needs it, we'll all need the right to bear arms to fight off any possible invaders,,,esp. given that we probably won't be able to afford any national security

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    The Snp have been after the firearms control for years. They've made it pretty clear in the past that they would be tough on firearms legislation.

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    wont be safe to let loose a round for fear of hitting a friggin windmill

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    PS: Think 'Eck the fish's' days are numbered after he loses the independence vote

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    Quote Originally Posted by craigievarkiller View Post
    wont be safe to let loose a round for fear of hitting a friggin windmill

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    one other thing Eck needs to come clean on is the SNP's dislike to the estate's in Scotland.

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    if it happens I am moving 100 miles SOUTH!!

    Northumbria Police may have a poor record of Firearms Licensing (IMO) but the threat of the Wee Jimmies running things makes me shiver!

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