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Thread: T8 Moderator Question...

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    T8 Moderator Question...

    This may be a very silly question, how can I tell what thread size my T8 is? Its on a Tikka T3 so I would assume M14, but the gun had a previous owner so I don't know if it is factory threaded?


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    are the threads blued in any way?

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    It usually states on the nylon bush at the rear of the moderator, ie 1/2 or 5/8 etc.

    Or at least thats the case on the past 4 T8's ive owned any way.
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    At the base it says it says T8, AU, F, 13? The threads are stainless as it's the stainless barrel.

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    have you a pair of verniers?

    measure the outer of the threads on the rifle. 14mm is 14x1. 1/2 unf will be 12.7mm

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    You need to measure as they have changed the marking system frequently on T8's

    Usually F indicates a 1/2" UNF no spigot thread


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    Thanks all for your help, turns out it is 1/2" unf. And now for the choice of new mod...

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    Never assume, get it measured.

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