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Thread: Boots or Wellies?

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    Boots or Wellies?

    Just wondered how many of you out there stalk in wellies as opposed to boots?

    Was out with a friend stalking last week & he was surprised to see that i do all my stalking in a pair of tight fitting le chameu wellies, be it on the hill, woods, fields etc.

    I get the argument for a pair of loose fitting wellies not providing enough ankle support, but ive just never found wellies a problem even in the toughest terrain.

    Whats your thoughts?
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    Wellies in Caithness. If this drought thing is happening, we havn't seen it here...

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    Boots (glockner) in Wicklow, wellies for the rest. The farmland I stalk over is WET in the winter time.

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    you must be one of the ''Wellie boot boys'' from the west

    Its an old skool thing not wearing wellies on the hill I think is form when wellies were crap, The Le chameu's can be abit slippy on wet heather but there's just as much ankle support as a short pair of boots. In the summer I wear hoggs hill shoes or hill boots and there's absolutely no ankle support.

    I know lads from the west that wear them all the time on the hill because its so wet.

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    Wellies for stalking as it is generally wet 90% of the season. I wear Aigle neoprene lined wellies and find them great.
    In the summer while out bunny bashing I just wear boots.

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    I wouldnt go hiking in the hills in a pair of Welles, nor would i go stalking in a pair of Wellies.....the hills I stalk in require proper walking boots. Sometimes the stalk is tantamount to mountain climbing.

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    Depends how wet it is 90% douvre extreme or lowa mountain combats with yeti gaiter. If swampy wellies.

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    Grubb short rubber lace up boots, vibram sole for under 90 squids - perfick all rounder

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    I hate wellies so its Meindl Douvre boots all year round for me. I like to tie my trousers to top of boots to keep ticks/water out so the lace eyes stop trousers from sliding off boots. I did try wellies many years ago but my ankles ached all day plus trousers wouldn't stay put for more than five mins at a time! Oh, and I also got covered in ticks from falling over 1000 times...did I say I hate wellies

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