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Thread: trail cam

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    trail cam

    Evening ,

    I was looking for some knowledge on the use of trail cams with regards to weather they are worth using to place about my forestry to see what
    deer are walking about. also what advice other users could give with using them,


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    HI I have x2 bushnell trail cams they are excellent id be lost without them there always out moving around different locations every week i just dip in swop the memo card (i have 3 or 4 sets) you'd be amazed what you see. all sorts deer movement and at particular times the movement patterns are amazing also on fox holes brilliant tool i wouldn't be with out.
    Be cautious with the cheap ones on ebay tho i found them unresponsive and allround crap.
    Bushnell all the way expensive but worth it also forget the little 2" display inside, waste of time no benefit just extra cost.

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    Thanks paul moto. really helpful. i have 500 acres of forestry and needless to say its hard to find the deer without being there 24/7. i wont get nothing but bushnell. i like to know what im buying! i have a SLR camera so i have plenty of sd cards, would you recommend the security cages as well?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pro_guitar View Post
    i wont get nothing but bushnell.
    I read some pretty bad reviews about Bushnell so perhaps try before you buy if you can. I opted for the Spypoint which get some pretty good reviews.

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    i see spypoint as well on bushwears website. reasonably priced as well. i would rather pay for the best that i can get rather than wasting money on rubbish.

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    We have been using them on our shoot for about 5 years now and we have tried the best part of most of them.

    There was a bad batch of the new Bushnell Trophy trail cam's but Bushnell are very good with their aftersales and replaced the duff ones without a fuss. The reliability (once you have a good one) of triggering and quality of the pictures and video's is second to none.

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    I use acorn for foxes over bait and it works well. It also text me when activated. But get a proper one as there are rip off ones on eBay

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    I have one of these

    I have found it to be very easy to setup and below are a couple of clips.

    Battery life seems to be very good, I have had it out for 3 weeks now and it still has over 150 days of battery power left( 8x AA).

    I have it set to take a combination of video and photos and find that my 1MB card has plenty of storage.


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    Quote Originally Posted by stig View Post
    I read some pretty bad reviews about Bushnell so perhaps try before you buy if you can. I opted for the Spypoint which get some pretty good reviews.
    Yes, I heard those rumours too so I thought I would try one. Hung it along the drive and looked at the card 6 months later. 1800 pictures, no problems. Put the card back in, did not change the batteries but changed the photo sequence to maximum. Looked at it again 5 months later, now 9800 photos, no problems. A month later the batteries gave up having worked 11 months with frost and snow. Good enough for me.

    But Bushnell updates its cameras all the time so it pays to do a bit of research as to what is the latest one.

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    Ive had my Spy point fitted and now downloaded after leaving it on my permission for about 6 weeks. videos on the video section

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