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Thread: Fallkniven F1

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    Fallkniven F1

    anyone used one of the above or seen one in use?
    looking for a new blade seems a good bit of kit
    was talking to a few clients who both had same knife
    they were both ice climbers tho dont know if that makes a difference????
    any input gratefully recieved

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    Bear in mind that these were designed as a military survival knife and have a convex grind to the blade (for strength) so the sharpening method is different (lots on u-tube about it). There may be a different cutting quality to a convex grind re meat, I don't think it's as precise as a flat or hollow grind but I'm not an expert.Depends what you will be doing with it ultimately.
    I had a Fallkniven H1 hunter for a while and while the quality is undeniable I did find it a bit clunky so sold it on. It's good to try kit out though, listening too much to "experts" can put you off the fun of actually having kit and trying for yourself. They often go 2nd hand so keep an eye open and try I would say.

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    I have one and like it - in my view there isn't a lot you can say about a knife as it is a tool to do a job and, well, it does it. Mine did 6 deer before it needed sharpened and I posted a thread over the weekend on the Fallkniven sharpening stones. The convex grind thing appears to be something that might be a pain when you first read about it and all the special sharpening techniques and then you find that Fallkniven sell a "stone" for the job that pays no attention to all the stuff you've read. I just sharpen it on the Fallkniven stone and, well, it is sharp again and then it cuts more stuff. It is robust, seems to keep an edge well, doesn't slip in the hand and the zytel sheath is great and they make a left handed version which is also good.

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    I use an F1, it has a good strong blade and holds a sharp edge. I re-sharpen with wet and dry paper on a mouse mat and a leather strop.

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    I got one a couple of years ago to replace a puma folder, that felt too small for me. F1 holds a good edge and is so easy to use. A bit expensive but should last a lifetime. I sharpen mine with a Gatco rig at an angle of 25deg and it will do a handful of beast between sharpens.

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    Good knife I've had one a couple of years I use mine for bushcraft and it copes with everything I throw at it

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    Ditto all the above. Sharpening the appleseed grind is a piece of cake using fine emery and a mouse mat.
    It's not a fancy knife by any means, but as I see it it's a tool for a job, no more no less. Should last forever if looked after I reckon.

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