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Thread: Sako 85 Stainless Synth 6.5x55

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    Sako 85 Stainless Synth 6.5x55

    Had to re-list this as, for some reason I couldn't edit the original add.

    Sako 85 stainless synthetic in 6.5x55
    M14x1 thread, good clean bore.
    In the original add I had written that it needed a clean, I have done that today and it's come up very nicely.

    The rifle has some surface scratches to the stock on the opposite side to the cheek piece but, you can see in the pics it's nothing major 875.

    Attachment 14658 Attachment 14659 Attachment 14660Attachment 14661 Attachment 14662
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    Would love this. Can't stretch to it right now. You don't need any joinery work doing do ya? Ha ha.

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