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Thread: Half a rifle. Work in progress...

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    Half a rifle. Work in progress...

    I got my 5mm Remington Rimfire Magnum rifle barrel today in the mail and mounted it on a Thompson Center Contender frame. Unfortunately, the shoulder stock didn't arrive and evidently won't be here for a few days to a week. (UPS is terrible here) I also don't have the proper rifle foreend but not wanting to give in so easily to Fate, I mounted the Hornet pistol fore end on the barrel until I can make or buy one. As you can see it looks a little ridiculous in it's current state.

    I was lucky in that I had a Redfield base and ring set for the Contender but unfortunately, the only unoccupied scope I found was a ratty Simmons 3-9X. I figured it would do for a preliminary shoot. I swabbed the barrel with solvent until the patches came out only grey instead of preservative- brown and headed to the range. I fired the first 50 rounds into the ground. I have never seen a new, freshly cleaned barrel group worth a darn and I wanted to season-up the bore a bit. Even with that expenditure of ammo, it took another 20 rounds to get the grouping to settle... or as close to settling as I could get shooting such an awkward rig. This is my last group at 50M. That dot it a half inch in diameter.

    I like the 5mm Remington. With a 30 grain HP at 2538 fps it makes the 17HMR's 17 grain pill seem like a weak effort. I have a few of the original Remington rifle for this cartridge but I particularly like this Contender because I can flip a switch and convert it to a centerfire. This will allow me to shoot the 5mm Craig wildcat (5mm Remington RF Mag Centerfire) from this rifle. In my other Craig conversion I'm shooting 32 grain V-Max at 2600 fps with a full case of Lil Gun. Now I can have the option of using factory rimfire ammo, or my own handloads, with a simple flick of a lever. I'll post some pics of the gun, and CF groups when I get my dies back. ~Muir
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    Nice, I just wish it was all so easy over here.


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    Nurse.. Muirs meds are wearing off again

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    Great fun, can't wait to see the performance in final configuration.

    I never cease to be astonished at your passion... and the clearly massive size of your collection of thunder sticks.

    To be honest, I'm only just beginning to grasp this "ever-SO-MANY-guns" thing of yours. Please forgive me, it's just that it's alien to my simple, Presbyterian upbringing... that and the fact that the regulations here make it so much more effort (and more expensive) than it's worth, for most of us, to be like you.

    I'm now seeing it as being the same as a talented musician who has every kind of acoustic and electric guitar and then he latches on to Ukuleles (it's happening to my son right now, hence the reference)... Oh those little Ukes... so many makes, sizes, ways to string and tune them, shapes and materials all bending sound and yielding tones... better suited to this or that style of music and/or playing .... and.... even folk not "into" music might quickly grasp the joy an enthusiast might take in performing with each different instrument, and the subtly different pleasures they give to even the uninitiated listener.
    He's now eyeing up banjos and bouzoukis too...

    If one were to have this conversation here in the U.K. about, for instance, Ukuleles (Btw, No visual or accronymic puns intended here with the U.K./Ukulele thing) hardly anyone would bat an eyelid and probably most would consider it a perfectly harmless and understandable pleasure. Sadly, change the subject matter from musical instruments to equally, or even more, beautifully crafted and subtly tuned deliverers of relatively small projectiles to precise locations at astonishing distances, for a variety of purposes, with utter reliability and (outwith the brotherhood, and sometimes even within "the brotherhood) you might be considered a little obsessed, "shady" at best... or, at worst, a dangerously deviant "gun nut". And yet it's fundamentally the same, intelligent, human fascination with nuance, far above the mere utilitarian.

    Sorry all, for the above "blethers", but I reckon from time to time someone has to say these things so that others who don't and wouldn't ever think it might read, stop and consider for a mo'

    Signed, enviously yours~Tom

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    Well Tom, I don't think I've ever heard my passion for firearms more elegantly or accurately described. I can easily make the comparison between myself and your son. I can pick up two identical rifles and see each differently. My son and I have consecutively numbered Marlin 882 SSV 22WMR varmint weight rifles. They are equally accurate but there is something I like about his that I like and I've never been able to pin down. If I shot it more, I might figure it out but I have just come to understand that this is just the way my brain/senses work. Some of my friends think I'm crazy.

    Even here I get side long looks when someone mentions the scope of my shooting ware but luckily, that in itself is not a condemnation. At least not in Montana. I wish you guys could have looser rein on you shooting. There is much to enjoy.~Muir

    Bobt: Make the nurse and attractive one, eh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir View Post
    Make the nurse and attractive one, eh?
    This one was sent to me by a friend from Montana a few years ago, but you can "borrow" her (yes it is safe)


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    Hornet 6, I think I've seen the film that photo came from.

    Muir, nice pistol! UK legal too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tartan_Terrier View Post
    Hornet 6, I think I've seen the film that photo came from.

    Muir, nice pistol! UK legal too!
    Thanks! I was considering using it for a walking stick...warding off foot pads and other varlets. As soon as UPS decides to get off their hind ends and get my butt (stock) to me it will become a rifle on a more or less permanent basis. I found a vintage Weaver V-9 (3-9 variable with A/O) in the back of the gun room mounted on a rifle I haven't shot in some time so I grabbed it for this gun. I laid out a block of plain straight maple for the foreend. I'll get it on the mill and hog out most of it when I shake this head cold I've been nursing. WHen I get it shaped and sanded I'll seal it with poly urethane and then paint it to match the composite shoulder stock. I've got some more ammo coming and hope to shoot a lot of prairiedogs with it this summer. The 5mm really mangles prairiedogs at rimfire ranges.~Muir

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    My smallest centerfire.

    This is the 5mm Craig along side a Centurion 5mm Remington Rimfire Magnum cartridge and a 22LR round. It is a real interesting case to load for as the capacity is 6.5 grains of Lil Gun. The traditional loads for this cartridge are based on Alliant 2400 and H-110 in tiny amounts. I worked up Lil Gun data from scratch and it proved to be the winner. This is one of the few cartridges I load for that I weigh each charge to an exactitude. The Centurion Ordnance rimfire round can be very accurate. Note the three shot group on the box? That was shot with an original Remington 592M rifle at 50 meters. I suspect this Thompson Center will out shoot it when it's up and running. (still no shoulder stock...)~Muir
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