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Thread: Lacking confidence after 10 year break !!!

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    Lacking confidence after 10 year break !!!

    Hi folks if you have read my intro I have just come back to shooting after 10 years off and thought I could start over again, But allas I seem to have a lack of confidence in my abilities , When I shot years ago there was no internet or forums and after reading on here and other places I am now doubting my skills as a shooter and a stalker,
    So I would be for ever gratefull if some kind person in my area would be willing to let me tag along with them and watch and learn even if it means bringing the flask or carrying the kill home.
    I am based in the Aberdeen area and am willing to travel to certain extent , I am also available almost anyday of the week just now due to offshore work getting a bit delayed.

    I am sure that there are experienced stalkers out there who would like to pass on their skills to a very keen apprentice.

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    Hi Karl,
    Check out the link!
    Not that far away realy and will let you know what you have been missing !If anything , and bring you back up to speed .+ You go stalking in the evening as well !
    One day introduction 99

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    PM me. Im only 90 mins south from you and we can sort out a stalk or two.


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