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    is it best when you apply for your licence for the referees to be shooters or not

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    Doesn't matter whether they're shooters or not, just need to be people who have known you personally for at least 2 years and have regular contact with you.

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    as above make sure the people you use have a good back ground though. ie... they haven't been in trouble with the law.

    reason I like getting shooters who I know to do references for me. you know they haven't had a brush with the law otherwise they wouldn't hold fac them self

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    If you have a referee who is a shooter himself he will be known to the Police and his opinion will stand up better than that of someone who may have NO shooting experience.


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    better still. find a referee who is a shooter AND a doctor, lawyer, Justice of the peace, magistrate etc etc!


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    Doesn't matter if the referee is a shooter or not. It does help though if he is "qualified" to make comment on you showing good attitude to weapon safety ect.
    Its important that they do know you. Its suprising the number of Applicants who put down referees and when the referee is contacted it becomes apparent they know very little about the applicant outwith a work enviroment. Also it doesn't look good if the referee knows nothing about your personal or family life if they are asked about that.
    As long as your referee does indeed know you and he himself is not known to the Police for the wrong reasons, he will be fine.

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    As long as the referee has known you personally for a minimum of two years, is not a memeber of the family or police officer or police staff and is someone of good character, they should be fine to act as your referee.

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    thank you all for your replys

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