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Thread: Mannlicher Duett

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    Mannlicher Duett

    Has anyone had a shot of the Mannlicher Duett yet? Is it the same as all the other combo's or is it worth a look see?


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    Not shot one yet but I had a good look at an example in 30.06/12g at The Sportsman, Exeter a few weeks ago.

    Pretty standard O/U combination gun, although I thought the lines of the action emphasised the top barrel a bit more than some of the other manufacturer's offerings I've seen - I have a Blaser ES67 Bockbüchsflinte in .243/12g - making it look a bit top heavy. Didn't like the contemporary skeleton top lever on the action either.

    The industry standard inherrently safe system with manual cocking via the sliding button on the top tang - although I'm not sure if this sets for both barrels to fire sequentally or just one at a time?

    Price seemed a bit steep as well.

    Neither of the examples I saw had a 'scope fitted but I'm not sure how balanced it would look with one atop anyway - as with all Bockbüchsflintes it's either a case of shooting the rifle element with open sights or getting used to instinctive shotgunning without reference to a fitted 'scope. Neither is an ideal solution, but having said that I find my little Blaser is an ideal gun for walking around the farm/woods where you could have a chance at anything that you come across, so quite versatile.

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    Here's some links and a pic of the 'Elegance' model in case anyone hasn't already seen one and might be interested:

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