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Thread: Hiya - I've just joined

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    Hiya - I've just joined

    A couple of friends suggested I join the Stalkig Directory. To introduce myself; I was in the TA for 10 years (7 Para RHA) until I was 27 which kindled my interest in shootng, Dad bought me a shotgun for my 28th Birthday and 5 years later I decided to apply for a Firearms licence. I've now been shooting outside th Army for nearly 20 years and I'm a member of the Bristol Muzzle Loaders, Yate Pistol Club, FCSA (UK) and Sheild Practical Shot Gun Club. I am also a member of BASC and have my Level 1 DSC, the BDS, the GWCT (Secretary of Bristol Committee) and Beat/Shoot/Stalk most weekends. I also have four gun dogs; 2 Springers, a cocker and a Black Lab.

    I stalk purely for venison so rarely shoot stags or bucks unless they are prickets. I butcher my own deer but can't afford a larder yet so tend to use my outhouse in the winter or borrow the keepers cold store at the shoot I'm a gun on in the summer.

    I love all forms of shooting, archery and dog handling. I have three kids, the oldest is 16 and has his own Firearms and Shogun Certs and has ben beating since he was 5 years old.

    All the best and good luck with the April Roe Bucks, I saw 5 in a group on the 31st March but they have now diappeared! Typical!


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    Welcome to the site Clive, that was a fulsome intro, I am sure you will find it stimulating.


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    Welcome to the site Clive. You will find lots of us on here with the same interests as yourself in addition to stalking. Lots to learn and here is the place to find some of the answers.

    All the best


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi Clive,
    Welcome to SD. Fairly new myself, but sign in as often as possible. Im sure you will find the site invaluable. Good luck and best wishes,

    John F

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    Hi Clive and welcome to the site. You should give lessons on how to introduce yourself properly, nice one! Enjoy your time here, Cheers, Steve

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    Thanks Steve, All the best Clive

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    Thanks John, enjoying the banter already! Clive

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    Hi Baguio, yes I've found it all very interesting already but so much to read!

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