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    Midway uk

    if you order expanding hunting bullets off there website , will they post them to you ?????

    anybody ever ordered any off them ???, and are they any good service wise



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    they will not send because expanding can't be sent within our postal system unless by registered carrier to rfd. What is stupid is though that you can recieve expanding bullets (heads) from anwhere abroad because there's a loophole in the law that doesn't cover that. Cliffs gunsmithing used to send in 4lb airmail postpackets which was 4lb of bagged bullets for $13.50

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    By the way of a local RFD me thinks, expanding ammunition is not posted. Used them for ordering a few times, ive not had any probs pretty good service and helpful on the phone.


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    Good service & value but deliveries can be slightly slow due to having to come from the US.atb Tim

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    Agreed, good helpful service but most items have to ben back ordered, probably 2-3 weeks. Everything I have ever ordered has arrived when they said it would.

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    We cannot post expanding bullet heads i.e. polymer tipped (with the exception of Hornady A-Max) or soft nosed, direct to the customer. It is a legal requirement that all such ammunition be purchased face to face with a Registered Firearms Dealer (RFD) who will need to check your firearms certificate to ensure that you have a variation that entitles you to these items. All other bullets i.e. full metal Jacket, lead cast, or any bullets with match, target or competition in their title can be shipped direct to you the customer.
    If wish to purchase expanding bullet heads we will need you to provide us with your local RFD details and we will need to confirm that they will accept these on your behalf. If the RFD has an account with us we can ship to them, if not we will require them to fax their RFD certificate (we can do this on your behalf if you can supply us with their contact details). Once this is done you can place the order with their address as an ‘alternative delivery address’ when you place the order. Once this arrangement is in place all future orders from MidwayUK that require validation of your firearms certificate can be shipped to your local RFD. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact customer service at: or by telephone on: 0845 22 66 055.

    Taken from Midway UK site hope this clears it up

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    thanks understand fully now ta



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