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Thread: I was thinking this might be of interest to someone

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    I was thinking this might be of interest to someone

    I am looking to get into loading on my own at some point, but is there anybody close to the Ribble Valley who would be interested in loading me some home loads in .243,.270.
    I was thinking this might be of interest to someone and a win win for both with me being able to trying some home loads and learn a bit andsome extra cash for someone’s time.



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    Is it legal to load for someone else?

    Im sure their pet load will be unlikely to be as good in your gun as in theirs.

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    Thanks Bobt,
    Thinking about it, its obvious, red mist must have come down after ringing my local gun shop for a batch of ammo and being told £42 a box for Federal Partition 130gr, it was more a case of someone spending time with me and the rifles and showing me the ropes.
    Just got to get off my bum and get the kit and do it myself,

    Again thanks Bobt.

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