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    Question Anschutz magazine

    Does anyone know of a company that sell a 12 shot magazine for the Anschutz .17 HMR rifle? I can find an 8 shot magazine, but I would prefer a bit more capacity for when I'm night shooting.

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    I've been trying to get hold of a 10 shot for my 17/17. Anschutz are thinking of doing one but nothing yet.
    As a matter of interest where did you find an 8 shot mag;?

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    sorry to put my two penneth worth - feel free to ignore but I had a problem with my hmr mag & found an 8 round mag ( vision products.html ) scroll down to the top of the accessories.
    Sorry can't help the OP with a 10 shot mag though - good luck!


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    Thanks for the fast replies.

    The 8 shot mag I found was at nvscopes (the same place smig found one). It seems this may be the best there is at the moment so I'll probably have to go with it until something bigger comes along. It'll still be better than the 4 shot mag as that's really limiting.

    I did read a post on another forum that said the company was a bit long-winded sending the item, and one guy said he had to slightly modify his, but all in all they seem quite satisfactory.

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    Following on LGB's comments:

    I bought one of these 8 shot mags from the website
    I received no confirmation of order, so phoned up about a week later to make sure the order was ok but I got one of those girls who works as an outsourced receptionist ( i'm pretty sure) who could not confirm order and was told someone would get back to me. No one did.
    3 days later another phone call...same response, same lack of response....
    over the next 3 weeks exactly the same process about every 3 days but with emails as well response by phone or email.
    Getting thoroughly p****** off now...start a dispute against the company with Paypal to get my hard-earned back. Funnily enough it arrived 2 days later!

    It is so easy to send a mail saying the lead is 4 weeks or whatever excuse...really rubbish service but I do have to say that the product is great and deals with the only issue that I had with the rifle, which I love.
    Would I buy anything from this company again=NO WAY!

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    I had the same problem With nvscopes, waited 3 weeks and not arrived after ordering so I called the company and a girl answered the phone and said she was not aware of my order and took my phone number and said she would call me back, but did not call back so after 3 days I called again and she told me it was in the post and a 2 weeks later it still had not arrived so I called again and was told the problem must be with the postal company then it arrived 3 days later, not the best way to run a company!
    And yet another 7mm-08 user...

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    Hi all, iv just purchased a Anschutz 17 and the only place i can find a bigger mag is from nv scopes, 4th time iv called them today in the past 2 weeks, as you described the girl on reception keeps saying someone will call me back but iv had no reply, useless! is it worth my time bothering with them or should i just buy a couple more genuine Anschutz 4 shots?

    Thanks for your help, Tom

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    That company is a bag of crap. And fobs people off all the time.

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