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Thread: Primos Trigger Stick

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    Primos Trigger Stick

    Well guys, was at bush wear in perth on sat and was playing about with the trigger stick and it seemed a cool peice of kit so ordered 1. It came today and im happy with it, just a squeeze of the trigger and it adjusts to any height, angle ect. Just have to get it out into the field and try it.
    Heres the link.

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    I picked one up on sunday at the gamekeepers fair, what a cracking idea.
    Haven't had chance to try it properly yet.
    I nearly didn't give it a second look, it was only because there was someone trying to get discount off an already discounted product, that I had a closer look.
    Boy am I glad I did.

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    I have been using one of these for a while now and would never go back to "home made" sticks or one of the cheaper tripods etc.

    It has proven itself a number of times in the field and the quick adjustment makes for an instantly comfortable shot and quickly builds confidence and "creates" shooting opportunities which would not be there with "traditional" sticks.

    If you are looking for a well designed and hard wearing piece of kit look no further than the Primos trigger stick.



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    +1 for the trigger stick.
    One word of warning though..the "V" piece at the top of the stick can unscrew completely and come off. I was lucky not to lose it altogether. Best to turn the black wheel until it is tight and rotate on aim using the handle.
    Some more tips..soaking the internals with wd40 kills that annoying squeek when you pull the trigger to adjust the leg height + a little wd on the legs smooths things up a lot too + a bit of rubber on the joint section of each leg stops any noise if they bump together when carrying folded.
    The only criticism I have is that it's a little too tall on the minimum setting for a sitting shot.


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    Hi Guys

    Looking at these today funny enough as my tri pod is going home now, with the sitting shot would the screw joint be high enough to place a bracket under the y piece on the side to rest your hand in to shoot off of a little way down the leg ?


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    Hello Phil.. I mentioned this to the man at Bushwear Stirling and he reckons there is a hook which can be attached to the spindle just under the handle. I can't see it on their website just now but I'll post the link if/when I find it.

    Just found it...

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    Trigger Stick

    Hi, good sticks, i have been using one. got mine from Swillington Shooting Shooting Supplies Leeds.

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    I'm a bit of a cynic when it comes to spending that much on sticks. I'm sure I could break them in a short space of time!

    .... Is it me or does the fella in the picture look like he is wearing pyjamas and slippers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by grizzly adams View Post
    Hi, good sticks, i have been using one. got mine from Swillington Shooting Shooting Supplies Leeds.
    + 1

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    Thats torn it private fraser, got no excuse NOT to buy one now

    Gonna place an order on bushwear for the sticks and attachment, mine are on their last legs now, they look pretty slick and robust. I'll give em a go.

    Probably put a bit of tape or something around the bolt on bit to soften the edges up, it up, looks to be a decent bit of kit

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