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Thread: Hello from t'north!

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    Hello from t'north!

    Hi all!
    I'm Jamie, live in the Ilkley/Harrogate area not too far from Leeds. Originally from Derbyshire where I used to do some under keeping and pest control. Now wanting to get into stalking, been out once and loved being that tuned in to nature.

    Hope I'll learn lots from all you guys and any advice or recommendations of people to go out with is appreciated.



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    Hi Jamie,

    I'm in Harrogate - welcome aboard. Good to see another local lad on here!


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    welcome Jamie there is a lot of advice some very good

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    Hi Jamie,
    Also in Harrogate - there maybe enough of us to have a Pint and chat - Bill

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    There may well be! Let's see if there are any others in the area.


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    Hi Jamie (and Bill and Dave)

    I'm near Skipton. Always up for a beer.


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi Jamie,

    Welcome to SD!. Im sure you will find much help and assistance on this site. Good Luck!
    John F

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    Hi Jamie. Welcome to the site. Thats a great part of the world you live in there, but being an ex Boro boy (born when it was part of Yorkshire I hasten to add) then maybe Im just a bit biased :-) This is a gereat site to get help and advice and make new friends and shooting opportunities. I have a website which helps people to learn the theory for you DSC1 Whilst there is a section which you need to subscribe to if you want to do the training lessons, theres also lots of free information pages to. Good luck! Cheers, Steve

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