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Thread: .17rim fire

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    .17rim fire

    Thinking about getting a .17 as I have had a slot on my cert for the last few years. I was going to buy a CZ in stainless and synthetic but have seen you can buy a browning T bolt for the same sort of money. What do you all think ??? Thanks Ian.

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    Nothing wrong with a .17 CZ Ian. Great value and more accurate than you will ever be and that's no slur on your ability I can assure you!

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    buy the T bolt buy trouble,,,,great gun but if you start getting into bushes for a bit of bunny stalking you can catch the bolt handle and pull it open,,,you go for a shot pull the trigger and click nothing happens because you have thrown the round out.

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    Just Got rid of a cz455 in 17 couldn't get on with it and it was loud, just got a sako quad in 17 shoots a lot better and is quieter even thou using the same mod, I have a t bolt in 22 and it is superb and never had a problem catching the bolt

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    I just sold my T-bolt. Trigger was to heavy for me and I didn't like the way the bolt could come open even when made safe. It only happened when slung over my shoulder when wearing my belt with all gadgets on it and the bolt would catch on the belt.. Other than that I loved it.

    Replaced it with a CZ. better trigger but heavier. Go for a 16" barrel.
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    cz american you cant go wrong

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    get a 22 , quieter , cheaper ammo , you can shoot it when its windy and sell your rabbits

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    which .17?
    HMR or M2?

    another Sako Quad fan here I am afraid. lots of second hand items that look better prospects than new CZ/Browning options

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    I have the CZ455 thumbhole Varmint and an excellent bit of kit.Its got an LEI stainless mod on it thats not the quietest but good enough for me.

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    I too have a Sako quad in walnut but with the 22lr and 22WMR barrels, stunning rifle, very high build quality, shoots bang on and has a more full size rifle feel, 22lr with Sak mod is like a spring air rifle with noise and a PCP with recoil!

    22WMR bit more kick, the Sak mod works great on that one too! I did have a choice between the 17hmr and the 22wmr and went with the 22 as the new 30gr V-max from Hornady are amazingly high quality and very very accurate (keyholes at 100 yards) even with my smoking hands!

    OT: My mate has a 17hmr from Mauser which he picked up for 150 with mod, shoots nice out to 100 yards, light as a feather but the bolt you have to be rough with to get it to cycle properly even after a good clean but for 150 can't go wrong.

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