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Thread: Fox in my underpants!!!

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    Fox in my underpants!!!

    Thursday morning I was up for work as normal at 5am (for those of you still in bed at that time its just getting light) I looked out of the window and could just make out a fox mutching around in the lambing padock about 30yds from my garden fence so it was out with the rim fire and out my baby sons bedroom window and one very dead fox!(thank god for silencers) He wont eat any more lambs. As i had to leave for work on another farm I left the fox were he was Dad could find him later which he did and was pleased but when I asked him if it was a dog or a vixen he informed me that it was actually a castrated dog fox. I was just wondering if many of you had come across this sort of thing before I had a 3 legged one before you could see the stitch marks where they patched it up.

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    i have also shot a three legged fox last year , left front leg removed at shoulder ,faint line and dots where stitches were, also had no canines on left hand side of jaw,this fox was shot from a high seat , heading directly for a rearing field for an easy meal.
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    ive shot a three legged fox and 2 roe doe's with 3 legs,i didnt think to look at closely,just presumed they had been caught with the mower at silaging time at some point

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    Once shot one with two legs!

    Caught him on the hop...

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    Shot one 10 years ago with only half a tail you could see the stitch marks where it had been amputated.

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