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    cleaning rod

    Gents is there a cleaning rod suited for a blaser rifle ? if so where do you purchase them? if not, because the bolt assembly slides out how do you blaser owners out there clean the barrels?. now i know you are going to say take the barrel off and clean it !!!! which i done last time but there must be a tool to stop un wanted cleaner getting into the chamber.

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    when i do clean mine i just use a tipton carbon rod, pro shot spear tip jag and a patch soaked in butches bore shine, done need a guide, just use your hand to steady the rod.

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    Reloading solutions do one specifically for Blasers which I use on my wooden stocked one as the bolt comes out easily and stops any drips going into the mag assembly (R93) all my synthetics have the barrel removed (as per my cleaning video) as the bolt doesn't clear the cheek pieces that are fitted to all my pro synthetic stocks, even then I use the bore guide.

    Come and visit us for a Blaser or Mauser fitting, get the right rifle for your needs.

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    Thanks hme I will contact reloading. Solutions where can I watch your vid.
    Regards chris.

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    guys ive found a guy who is going to make me one on his lathe out of stainless thanks for you input

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    You won't be disappointed - He has made mine for me and it is really top quality work.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jewfish View Post
    guys ive found a guy who is going to make me one on his lathe out of stainless thanks for you input
    Chris, can you check your spam filter or give me a quick call please?


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