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Thread: Sako 75 Delux 7.08:Moderator

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    Sako 75 Delux 7.08:Moderator

    Hi Folks, Now Ive got the new rifle home Im thinking about a mod for it. Still have the T8 reflex I had on the .243 but thought it a tad heavy. Anyone got a similar rig with a lighter mod that does the job.jc

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    Roedale Delta or Atec CNM4. Once you go down this route, you will not want an old brute of a mod.

    I have the Delta, it may not be just as effective as an ASE Jet-Z (the current gold standard for noise reduction), but I will happy trade of a bit of effectiveness for a weight of 220grammes V 700 grammes or thereabouts for most conventional steel mod's.
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    I heard there's a new Jetz coming out that's 30% less weight, slimmer profile, and with even better noise reduction..gunshop talk...dunno if it's true. they still had the original in stock at 250, which as they said "we'll never be able to sell them", I said, yes you will, I'll give you 50 for one...still what, sit on stock that won't sell

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    Thanks Claret Dabbler/PKL will check them out.jc

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