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Thread: Binoculars -- which magnification/objective lens size

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    Binoculars -- which magnification/objective lens size

    Dear all

    Im hoping to get some decent binos this year and have come down to a choice of 8 x 42 or 10 x42.

    I thought the 10 x 42 would be better as would be able to see more detail and thence select best cull candidate


    10 x 42 is harder to hold steady and I believe the 8x42 would be better in poor light?

    For info most of my stalking will be England but may have a Foray up north in a year or two.

    Id really appreciate some thoughts and thanks in advance.

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    8x42 ideal for woodland etc, 10x42 more suited to hill stalking, Have used both for both but all round prefer the 8x42s.
    Interesting to see what others think.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    i just purchased some 8x42 minox bino's for a great price

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    Hello. 8x42 won't be great in poor light. If you have a 6x42 riflescope it will knock spots off your 8x42 bins; give it a try at dusk. 7x50 is great, but heavy.
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    If you can hold a rifle steady you can hold 10x40s steady! The wobble worry is for the sorry individuals who don't shoot!

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