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Thread: 6mm br

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    6mm br

    Does any one stalk with 6mmbr and if so how good or bad is it. what twist and round GR are u using

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    Hi John

    I have looked in this calibre a number of times with a view to using it as a stalking round from a compact carbine rifle, the problem is that even in improved form with the shoulder blown out I cannot find reliable load data that will meet the Scottish legal requirements for large deer, IE 1750ft/lbs of energy without going to a very long barrel, which defeats the reason for having a compact carbine.

    For Roe or use in England with lighter bullets it seems to tick most books. There are a number of guys using them I am sure they will feed into the post.



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    I have done in the past for quite a while, its a great calibre super accurate and little recoil. I shot over 15 red stags with mine last summer using 105 gr bullets, it did the job fine but i did feel happier shooting Reds with something a little heavier but it will get the job done out to 300 yards as it is just so accorate and easy to shoot. For Roe and Fallow its perfect and will also drive 55gr bullets to just over 4000fps with a 26" barrel so great for foxes too. If you shoot mainly Red or Sika i would go bigger.

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    hi Kev, hope ur good, rpa ,i was thinking of a light roe fox rifle and stick to the .308 for bigger stuff.if i just want 58 to 80gr from a 24 barrel what would u suggest.

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    Great caibre, i have a 12 twist which shoul'nt but loves 87grainners,its to heavy for stalking proper, so is used when lying out, accuracy is awsome..

    Hers my best 5 shot group at 100yds

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    Nell, have u tried 58 gr through it ?

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    No i hav'nt,- but i would quite like to try some, plan was to use 75gr which shot well, a friend gave me a few 87s to try, 12 twist should'nt really stablise these but the result canbe seen in the pic above,im a very much if its not broke dont fix it type so have been using these for a few years now....

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    no arguing with the group, nice. just fancy re barelling my .243 howa to 6mmbr for fox and some deer. Would it be good out to 400 for fox?

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    only thing to look out for with the br is not all rifles will feed the stumpy little round they need mods to the mag. the tikka m595 with 22/250 mag will feed them though

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    Jay, ive got a floor plate not a mag, any idea if this will work?

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