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Thread: Easy to move/simple highseat?

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    Easy to move/simple highseat?

    I was just wondering what the most basic high seat is like? I am considering putting one up in a friends field but I don't want it to get in the way. Can it be as straightforward as a ladder and a chair idea? I might even stick it up a couple of days before use and remove again. The simpler and cheaper the better


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    not sure if you are asking to buy one or make your own but my seats come in 3 sections the ladder seat base with quick release pins and an adjustable shooting rail easy to put up and take down by one person or move to another site . if you are wanting to make your own an ally ladder and a wooden seat base would probably be your easiest way ,there has been a few designs on here lately,atb wayne
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    Simple Highseat.

    What could be simpler that a wooden pallet and a hidden ladder?

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    take a look at busgware they do one

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