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Thread: landy/Hilux

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    Guys, what would you go for. N Reg. 1K Landy with no apparent issues or a 2K P Reg Hilux with a very worn seat, a few rust spots and a bit of smoke when pushed hard....

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    Tell you what if i could get a 96 landy with no issues for a grand i would have thought i had won the lottery !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    A 96 landy with no issues, it must have spent fifteen years and nine months in a garage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bogtrotter View Post
    A 96 landy with no issues, it must have spent fifteen years and nine months in a garage.
    most have

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    I love my Landrovers but to be honest you will not get much of a defender for 1k. Unless this is a very good mate who is selling it to you at a good price I would be suspicious. Although Hiluxs are nearly as good as Defenders (did I really say that) worn seats and a bit smoke when pushed hard almost certainly equals a hard life. Seats can be easily replaced but failing an MOT on smoke emmissions costs money. If the engine is badly worn so will be a lot of other parts.

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    sorry, Disco, not Defender

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    ahh a disco is more doable,

    watch for rot in the boot floor cills inner wings,

    and any metal between the bumpers.

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    Is that a 200 tdi one of the better engines Landrover produced at that age look for rot issues rear floor and sill areas if its a five door check the rear arches where the doors close a little corrosion there is often a sign of more serious rot out of sight also watch for paint bubbling or pealing at the rear quarters again this can be a sign of rot caused by a reaction where the aluminium panel is in contact with steel.

    Its not impossible to replace the rotten areas sills rear floor etc but its quite a big job on a Disco and unless you can do it yourself way beyond what the vehicle is worth.

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    toyota are over rated due to - Mr clarkson & landrovers are simply dated, designed & manufactured by the same people that brought us mini metros & montegos
    get a jeep

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    hilux any day. will prob get the same money back for it when selling it to. i have seen some right tatty hilux's go for mad money
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