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Thread: Norma .243 100gr sp factory rounds

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    Norma .243 100gr sp factory rounds

    I have 10 rounds of Norma .243 100gr sp that don't group well through my rifle.
    I'd like to swap them for either Federal powershock 100gr sp or Sako gamehead 100gr.
    Edinburgh area.
    Virtutis Gloria Merces

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    mine likes the norma, have about 7 or 8 fed 100g powershox left I think...problem is batch numbers, you'll still need to re-zero for the same ammo in a different batch number. My last box of norma 100g sp's shot 2"!!! under the previous 100g SPs from Norma, only difference was the batch run from the factory...what that meant was when I had a couple of the old box left (5), which I deemed to little to take stalking, I then re-zeroed with the new ammo, rendering the 'old' useless again...nightmare! reloading or buying 2-3 boxes with SAME batch number is the ONLY way.

    I'd say just use the last few norma's you have on fouling the barrel after cleaning. 3 rounds for fouling means you don't have to waste your 'good' ammo for the next 3 cleaning sessions,,now THAT is money saved!

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