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Thread: Lamping hand held or on rifle?????

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    Lamping hand held or on rifle?????

    Which is best hand held or on rifle and which is a good kit??
    Thanks Ray.

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    Unless you're an old "hand" at it, I would stick with a second man for the lamp, as to scope mounted lamps, the lads on here are benefitting from the new "Cree" products having diode's instead of bulbs, allied with Lithium battery technology, US?, we stick with either solo Blitz & rifle...... or two man with Blitz & rifle.
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    what is your target quarry?
    on rifle is fine for rabbits as the distance tends to be shorter, I use NV monocle to spot then turn on light.
    my light of choice is a deben torch with batteries inside and remote switch

    saves waving the rifle around to see!

    I have a rifle mounted tri star but it is a bit dull at over 175-200yds.
    A bigger brighter hand held beam would be better for foxes IMO

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    I have a couple of light force lamps and shoot from the roof of a 4x4 (nice hole cut in it) Any way I have a variable lightforce 140 scope mounted i use on the rimmy's but also have a 240 blitz also variable. So generally scan about with the 240 on a dim beem if i spot some bunnys i will grab which ever rimmy i have elected to take out that night and shoot the bunnys using the scope mount. This is easier and quiker to drop onto mutiple and or moving bunnys. If while scanning i come across charlie then i lamp with the 240 in the left hand and use 22/250 with the right, this took a while to get used to and i can still get caught out. But i would recomend a variable power so you can control how bright a light you wish to throw about.

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    Thanks guys.

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    my experience is if more than one use hand held,170 nightforce or clubriter,if im on my own i pull a LED on the rifle and use clubriter to scan.
    the only thing is i can see more through the scope than the lampman so if the target is moving i can usually see more so do i just put the lamp on the rifle anyway.then he's a bit redundant.

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    I use a scope mounted lightforce which can be removed in seconds , so the one lamp does the job if someone else is out with me

    I also have a led torch masterlight supreme and although only good for shooting out to about 100m it will pick up eyes at a decent distance and gets around the problem of scanning with a lamp on a rifle


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    I use a combo as often I'm out on my own bunnying or foxing - I have an ND3 on my gun, but use a hand-held LED-Ray torch (with red bulb) to spot what I'm shooting.

    I used to use the rifle lamp to scan but this is very bad practice as you never know what the gun is going to be pointing at next!

    ND3's are a lot of money, but I don't like a lot of weight on top of my gun and the big bell-sized lamps and their cables and batteries are all a bit akward for me when I'm out trying to be quiet, or in a 4x4 trying to get the barrel out of the window!

    LED-Ray's are a pretty decent alternative to expensive options, don't bother with filters though - just get the one with the coloured bulbs (red/green/blue).

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