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    Display cabinet

    My misses has just purchased a rather large glass fronted internally lit cabinet to display her 'nice things' and very nice it is too! I have just brassoed a load of once fired brass of varying calibers and they also look very nice in her cabinet! I wonder how long it will take her to notice? And how much trouble i will be in!!

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    Iike it, they won't last long !!!!

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    A mate of mine a few years back had the opposite happen!

    He had a great display cabinet, full of WW2 collectables; fighting knives, badges, bino's, etc.
    It was always a great centre of attention whenever we visited

    Then he got married

    Went to see him one day - cabinet full of "whimsies" I think they are called - small ceraminc animal shaped things! Yuk...

    They happily divorced after a couple of years. Lucky for him...

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    Quote Originally Posted by addison View Post
    hi friends i just want to ask you something about display that i have a heap of old wrestling figures that i want to display in a clear cabinet but not sure where i can get one. It just need to be similar to a fish tank type thing maybe with a couple of shelves if any body have an idea then please share your ideas because i really need this anyways thanks in advance and have a nice day...

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    The Ikea Detolf glass display cabinet is very popular with all types of collectors to display their pieces. Priced at 40 it's reasonable too.
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