Just bought myself a U caller xtreme,Never really tried digital callers and I must say I didn't really think it would work .However had a little play with it and found the calls are not that bad the best I thought was the vixen call so me and a friend thought what the hell give it a try. So went out with the light and set the caller down in a field which we had previously seen a fox in, plugged the speaker in and drove the quad a 100yds up the field with the call going off.And about 10 mins of shining the light around we didn't see a thing and we were debating using a different sound in another place.But waited a couple more mins shined down to where the caller was to find a fox about 3 yds away from the speaker trying to figure out what was calling!!

Well anyway the fox dropped which turned out to be a vixen and all in all was a good night and good 50 well spent