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Thread: Test youre knowledge

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    Test youre knowledge

    I think it is fun to test youre knowledge about wild boar.
    Last week my syndicate started with the counting of the red deer in our area. We do these countings because we make a culling plan based on the numbers we have and the amount of food we aspect to be around (aprt from some other variables).

    What age and gender do you think is the single wild boar in the 2 pictures? (i know already)
    And what ages are the wild boar in the group. Bit more difficult as picture is not too good.
    We also saw some red deer, that is why we where there in the first place.
    Pictures are courtesy of my friend Ton.

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    I am no boar expert but I would say the first 2 pics are of a Female. 3-4 years old.

    Last pic the one on the left is a male, I think the rest are female but I am not sure its not very clear

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    The answer is not too difficult if you speak Dutch! It is in the text under the pictures.<br><br>Teminste voor de eerste twee.

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    Hmm, ignore the text under the pictures (or maybe i left it there to confuse you)

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    Evening Holland&Holland

    I would have to disagree with eggy s, the first photo is of a young male boar 3 years old(just) and about 60kg he has the making of a good beast.
    The group, the first on the left looks like a male, the rest i would say are all brothers and sisters of about the same age, 2-3 years old.

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    Less than 2 yrs , 12-18mth if it were 2yr + the tusk would be evident

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    Quote Originally Posted by trev View Post
    Evening Holland&Holland

    I would have to disagree with eggy s,
    I would disagree with myself, not quite sure how I managed to get it totally the wrong way around haha. The hump on the back gives it away as a male for some reason I wrote female

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    Right. The first wild boar is a male one. Small Keiler in his 3th year of age. Its tusks are not quite visible yet as Munsterlander points out. But you can see the keilerhump on its back as eggy's noticed as well. You cannot see any nipples, you can see (just) the little tuff of hair where it's penis is. Its snoat is not as long as with a female of this age. Tail is not very long. If it goes over the heel it would be considered older. Considering bodsize, height, lenght of tail and the visible humb it is over 2 years, and under 3 years.
    But to be absolutely sure, you have to look inside its mouth at the teeth .
    The pictures are taken by my friend Ton (who, amongst others, owns the permission) and he always makes photo's of the animals around and he knows this particular animal. So he knows its between 2 and 3 years old.

    The group are all uberlaufers. All over 1 year old, with some healthy weights of 35-40 kilo's. The one on the right is a little sow who we suspect is already pregnant (she is a bit "rounder" or "fuller" then the rest). Funny enough she was the one in charge. The other uberlaufer where male ones. If a female wild boar is 30 kilo's or more she can be mounted by the Keiler. So in her first year she can be pregnant.
    But very difficult to tell because the picture is bad, but i thought it is nice to look at so i posted it anyway.

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