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Thread: 1 gun for everything

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    1 gun for everything

    Hi lads,

    I shoot a number of calibre's for all round shooting. foxing,stalking,plinkiking ect ect. however I am thinking of selling everything other than my trusty .22 and getting 1 all round rifle. most of my stalking is roe fallow and muntie's out to 300yards but I do like to play out a bit further for practice.

    what would your 1gun cabinet have in it is my question? I'm thinking maybe something of the 6.5 variety!?

    any help would be appreciated

    thanks bullet

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    30-06 0r 308 does the job properly and capable of 1000yd accuracy

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    If long range plinking is your thing then how about a 6.5x47, I'm no expert but it would cover foxing and stalking too wouldn't it?

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    260, 6.5-47 or 7mm08 would cover most bases
    Anglo deer management and training
    Yet another 7mm 08 user ..................... if Carlsberg made calibers.........................

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    +1 for 7mm-08

    Superb from 100gr to 180gr
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    I could do everything with my 260, plus a 22, no problem. It might be a little light for boar, but otherwise, perfect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swarovski View Post
    30-06 0r 308 does the job properly and capable of 1000yd accuracy
    +1 for .308

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    Can't believe nobody has mentioned the .270! The ability to push medium weight bullets out on laser flat trajectory, enough weight potential for anything in the UK, Europe and the US (even bear), and at a pinch plains game, if not the dangerous stuff.

    Potential for surprising accuracy out to 1000 yards, and with a moderator the recoil is manageable.

    There's a reason the .270 is one of the most popular stalking calibres in the highlands!

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    matt, the.270 is a fantastic round and one of my choices for red deer too but I think its a bit much for foxing especislly out of the landy window! I like the sound of the 6.5x47 for the all rounder, but what are the advatages and dis-advantages between the 6.5x47 and the .260 or .260AI?

    thanks bullet

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