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    there seems to be a bit of a problem when trying to post anything,sometimes it seems to work first time other times it say its not worked so you try again then when it does go and you look at the thread your post is there 3 or 4 times.any ideas whats wrong?im not a computer whizz

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    im experiencing the same problem tika.308 and having to delete extra posts.. also am having trouble browsing as very slow

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    I`m also experiencing oproblems. Clicking on a subject often brings "cannot display the page"

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    I'm not alone then


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    I think SikaMalc has been trying to run the site on two star again!

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    Ah ,
    Its not me then i nearly threw the computer out the door this morning
    Lucky i didn't not been in the best of moods !!! go to classifieds and look at "S & B lens covers wanted" you will see why

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    I'm having the same problems as the rest of you
    also sometimes every thing lock up and i have to pull the plug
    on the ******* thing to turn it off and start all over again

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    It's nothing we have done honest If you remember it did this about a year ago, when the hosting company were doing something to their system. I have been looking at another hosting company but am scared witless about losing any content of this one in the transition. The people who know about these things tell me it is a complicated affair.


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    I suspect it has something to do with bandwidth, it usually is.

    Swapping hosting servers is not necessarily that difficult but needs the services of someone who knows their way around the various IT aspects to make it happen pain free. Initially it can work out quite expensive as the IT boys don't like working cheap especially if they know you're experiencing problems in the first instance.

    Try reducing the non using elements of the data base to create operating capacity. Data storage affects band width so I've been informed.

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    I have two problems, when trying to view a subject it just freezes and sometimes when i click on from my favorites i find i have to log in again,

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