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    Question Land Assessments

    Hi All,

    Just a few questions to see if anyone can shed any light on the below.

    Im wondering if there is a timeframe/expiry to land that has been assessed by the Police - "Land that has been deemed suitable by the chief of police". Does the land assessment need to be "conducted" every 5 years? Or Once the land is deemed "suitable" for a particular caliber, thats it done and dusted for life? (I think I recall an assessor quoting the need for land to be assessed every 5 years?).

    Also as an example, If the database has the land down as being passed for .220 Swift, does this mean that ANY .22CF can be used? Eg if I used a .222/22-250/.223 on this land as an example.....would this be ok or technically illegal? - ("closed" License)


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    My understanding, from conversations with a few FEO's, is that once a piece of land has been approved for a certain calibre, or range of calibres, that decision is permanent. The land will only be re-assessed if an increase in the calibre is requested.

    Of course that might be different for different forces.

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    Permanent - although they might want to reconsider the 'assessment' if a housing estate gets built on it.

    I guess an 'assessor', (is there really such a thing?), might wish that land had to be inspected every 5 years though. It would certainly keep them in a job.

    AFAIK any land inspection is an entirely subjective process carried out by FEO's who may, or may not, have any idea about the actual field use of sporting firearms. The last one I was privvy to, (upgrade from .243 to .308), consisted of the 'assessor' sitting in their car in the farmyard for 10 minutes reading the papers!

    The whole land inspection 'industry' has got way out of hand, even the HO Guidance recognises that no land is intrinsically "safe" or "unsafe" - it's all down to the individual pulling the trigger. As per 13.11 of the Guidance, the inspection should be used to evaluate the safety of an applicant for an FAC and as part of the process of initially establishing 'good reason' to possess firearms - not as some kind of countrywide restriction on shooting which is what it has become for some FAC holders with 'closed' certificates.

    "The land inspection is intended only as
    part of the process of verifying that a “good
    reason” exists. It should not normally be
    extended to other areas of land on which the
    applicant intends to shoot unless there is to
    be a condition restricting a new shooter to
    specified land only."
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