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Thread: Camp & stalk

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    Camp & stalk

    Thinking about taking a run over to one of my permissions with a mate. Small wood of about 70acres but plenty of munties about and the odd fallow (I believe). We're both coming from different places and quite time constrained so thinking of camping. RV at 6:30ish, stalk/highseat individually, set-up camp, eat, maybe try lamping for foxes, up early doors for another stalk then home. I fear the lamping might be 1 disturbance too much? And as for camping (in the wood), what are people's views/experiences? Hints, tips, advice?



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    Sounds like heaven, and I don't think the lamping will bother the munties too much. The only possible problem I can foresee is storing any carcasses shot soon after arrival, unless it's a cold night.

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    storing guns might be a worry

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    Quote Originally Posted by trouble View Post
    storing guns might be a worry
    I read that as 'snoring'!

    We've both been well trained, happy to doss down with our rifles sharing our sleeping bags (bolts and magazines removed)...

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    sounds like my cup of tea. altho i have a little 4x4 campervan. stav
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    Quote Originally Posted by trouble View Post
    storing guns might be a worry
    As soon as I read the opening post I knew this would come up in short order.....

    Stig, soounds like a good way to do an overnight stalk. I would probably skip the lamping expedition and just enjoy the deer.

    I intend to have a weekend like this on an island in Lough Erne next month - fishing not stalking obviously.

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    hi mate i have just got a permission on fc ground ,camping and hunting is what i wanted to do . after spending time in nz hunting from tents and huts its a fantastic way to go. I think for me it really makes sence as you are on the ground with little disturbance and off stalking straight away. me personally wouldnt lamp a ground i was stalking in the day time just to keep disturbance down to a minimum . I have a hammock with intenal midge net and basha so my gear can stay dry if weather turns. enjoy your trip and let us know how you get on ,atb wayne
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    Personally I'd find a local b&b check in go out for a stalk in the evening, back to b&b head down up early again and back out, then when you've finished your stalk back for breakfast stuff packed and home, but that's just because I hate camping lol.

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    I will be doing that in the Autumn, but in Montana!
    Got my tag yesterday.

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    I do this on our ground all the time no real problem, rifle gets chained up in the boot of the car and bolt and bulllets in bottom of sleeping bag. Two things take plenty of fresh water and also its very difficult to get dry again once wet. Its a great way to do it although I have to say I did s**t a little bit last time I was up when I woke up early hours to hear something moving round my tent turned out to be charlie come for a nosey. I also find my Labrador 'hot water bottle' especially useful when the temp drops a bit

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