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Thread: Remington 700 .308 action

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    Remington 700 .308 action

    I'm in the planning stage of a project to put together a 308 to be used for fallow. Would anyone be able to advise on a location for sourcing a Remington 700 308? Second hand would be OK.

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    Can I ask why you want a long action for a 308? One of the joys of a 308 is you get the benefit of using a short action.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turfer
    Can I ask why you want a long action for a 308? One of the joys of a 308 is you get the benefit of using a short action.
    Sorry, brain switched off this morning. I meant short action!

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    Brian Fox of Fox Firearms still has a few of the Howa1500's (Rem 700 clones) he imported in stock. They always make a decent starting point. Especially as you can now get bottom metal conversions from Roedale Precision Rifle if you want something that loads from a mag.

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    Not sure I'd call a Howa a Remy clone, besides it's far superior out of the box IMHO.

    There's a chap on Guntrader selling a Remy action for 405 as part of a custom build, just search for a bolt action rifle with 308 bolt face. You may also find a second hand Remy there, it doesn't need to be 308 if you're rebarrelling, it could be 243, 22-250 or at a push you could probably get a 223 and have the bolt face machined out and extractor changed.

    You could save a certain amount of bother and just get a proper custom action, South Yorkshire Shooting Supplies are supposed to getting some Lawton actions. I was toying with the idea of getting a Surgeon action earlier in the year, I thought I'd hold out for a cheaper Lawton, that was before the pound took a nose dive.

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