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Thread: New guy from Sussex

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    New guy from Sussex

    Hi all , I'm a 20 year old farmer of about 1600 acres in Sussex / surrey but control the vermin over about 3000 acres , my preferred calibers are . 17hmr and .22-250 I've recently purchased a tikka .308 and I'm bein mentored in deer stalking and boar hunting . I'm keen to learn and make friends and help anyone if I can . Looking forward to learning some new skills and meeting new people .
    Cheers for now

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    Welcome to the site. Where in Sussex are you?

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    Hello ACM and welcome to the site. Great choices in calibres there. .17 is my rifle of choice to take out when Im feeding, and the 22-250 is my choice for fox. If you want to learn more about deer stalking and maybe go for your dsc, have a look at my website Yes, there is a part where you need to subscribe to if you want to do thr training lessons, but there's also a lot of free information pages there too.

    Cheers, Steve

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi Acm

    I too am in sussex, bit further down near Heathfield, I have about 500acres here, if you want to come down for a walk around our woods sometime let me know. I have been stalking nearly twenty years.

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    Thanks everyone for your kind replys ,John i may be in touch to take you up on your offer , that sounds great .
    Steve your sites great , thank you , I too find them to be great and effective calibers . I've just this minute killed 3 magpies with my .17!
    Tusker I'm in west Sussex , quite close to Chichester . Have looked at your pictures , very impressive kills !

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    Very kind of you to say so, perhaps we may meet up for a pint at some time?

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    Yes that'd be great , would be good to meet some more experianced shooters . apologies for the late reply , I'll be in touch .

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