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Thread: PCP Stirrup pump

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    PCP Stirrup pump

    Well I have finally gone and done it, after years of avoiding PCP air rifles I have gone and bought one. Now I just need some means of filling the thing.
    I'm looking for a modern stirrup pump (ideally one with a moisture trap) and I thought i'd try on here first to see if you guys have got anything.

    P.S I know everyone is going to tell me to buy a bottle but there is nobody round here to fill one.

    Cheers, Ezzy

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    Hi Ezzy,

    Sorry I can't help with a pump. Just gave mine to a mate but what I will say when using the pump is take it with you when out and top up the rifle every 10 or so shots. Otherwise it can be a bit strenuous!

    Bob ( now a tank owner!)

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    I have a Hills pump, bought last year at quite a high price. I have since bought a bottle so it is now no longer being used.
    If you are interested @50 you are welcome but you will need a new hose as the one I bought is needed to fill from the bottle.

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    Will pm you in a bit.


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    Hi Ezzy, I have just dug it out and it is a 'Logun Eazi-Glide' pump with dry pack !!
    I have just packed it and as the Valve and Guage is Brass, it weighs just over 2kg so I'm afraid the price will be 50 plus postage, sorry if I got your hopes up, I'll understand if you change your mind.
    PM with further detail on it's way.

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    collect+ it. cheapest postage by far
    cost you 3 tops

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    collect+ it. cheapest postage by far
    cost you 3 tops
    I wish.
    From post code to post code 162 miles and in my car with diesel at 1,49 a litre, that works out at 39.76 each way

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    Hello matey , think he means this



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    Cheers lads, all sorted now.


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    Quote Originally Posted by scoie View Post
    Hello matey , think he means this cheers craig
    Well thank you Craig, I have never heard of such a system but now that I have looked it up, it seems my local Garage operates it, so thank you again. I have made a note of it and it may come in handy in the future.

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