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Thread: 44 magnum & boar

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    44 magnum & boar

    Seems there are a few keen hunter here for deer & boar, time will tell. At present i use 308 /180 gr for boar. I was wondering what the keen hunters amongst us use , are there any 44 magnum rifle users ?

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    Never tried a 44 magnum! But use my 30-06 with either 150 / 165 grn.heads.


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    A 44 or 45 with a suitable bullet would be more than up to the job

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    A colleague of mine has property in Sweden and problem with boar.
    I offered to sort out the problem and having read about their use in US for boar bought a Marlin 44mag lever action.
    I have see through mounts so can use both iron sights or scope. However, when I asked about Boar for my .44 they said I didn't need it in UK as I would be shooting abroad and so far anywhere in Uk where I have been offered boar they seem to prefer .30 cal. I have yet to manage to use the rifle for boar but imagine that it would be well up to the job.

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    While a .44 rem mag will kill boar, it certainly wouldn't be my first choice on running boar. The 180grn .308 that munsterlander uses, or the 165 grn .30 cal that Thomas uses are much better choices. I've owned and used .44 mags in the past but personally wouldn't use them on boar if a more suitable cartridge was available. My boar rifles are either 8x57 with 200 grain bullets or my 9.3x74 each is far more capable than what is essentially a pistol cartridge.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I have only seen a .44 magnum rifle used for tracking wounded boar or for use by one of the beaters where they also use 7.63/9mm pistols they are ok on boar up close but you need something faster as the range increasess. If I was going to to spend 1500+ on a trip abroad i would want to use something that was more than just a very close range rifle on European pigs which may or may not be legal for foreign shooters to use due to fps and energy as just because the locals use them does not mean that it is legal?
    If you want to use a .44 get a .444 marlin that is what i use..


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    I once put 4x .44 special hollow points vertically down into the back of the neck of a 60kg boar that was wounded - not by me I must add, I was just the nearest shooter when it exited the maize and because of half a dozen beaters having gathered around the beast I would not risk a fullbore shot, result = a very unhappy and not expired boar. My German partner then sent a 8x57 to stop the fun which woke up the party.
    .44Mag is very marginal even from a saddle gun, but ok for soft skinned deer at less than 80 yards I would think.

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    I had a single shot Handirifle in .44 mag, but I never took any game with it. The long barrel added quite a bit to velocity. 300 gr loads were getting out at around 1500 fps.
    My brother has a Ruger deerfield in .44 mag and it would be a great drive gun, but not very traditional.

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    Thanks for the info .Seems the 44 for boar just wouldn't have enough penetration really, but it was worth a thought.
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    We all use the ruger stainless steel 44 magnum as a choice weapon on pigs[boars] bailed by our pigdogs here in NZ.At only zero to 10 metres the boar just drops,with head shot or chest.Excellent at close range.

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