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Thread: Lymes disease

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    Lymes disease

    Quite topical at the moment but heres a story about Lymes disease.

    I think the Charity BADA also provide a lot of useful advisoty info on this.

    It pays to know what that headache and red rash may mean!

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    I used to have stalking land where I would easily pick up between 30- 40 ticks that had attached themselves. Bought some rovince trousers and a shirt never picked one up all of last season. If you ask me yes they are expensive but they are well worth the money I paid! I would rather spend some pounds to prevent lymes than suffer with the consiquences.


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    Can't stress strongly enough how dreadfully debilitating this rotten disease can be if you cop for it. Easily sorted if you recognise the signs - I was always told a red ring surrounding the area of the bite was a fairly sure sign. It goes away very quickly but if you see it get to the quack and get a jab. If you don't sort it then it'll almost certainly come back at some later stage and bite you in the arse somewhat severely. A pal of mine who's also an estate stalker got it and he's never been quite the same since. Be warned - it's really quite serious.

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    I have posted links to articles by me on this topic Lyme/Borreliosis in Humans Any further information just pm me as have diagnosed 4 stalkers on this forum and upset 1 or 2 Doctors.

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    there is something in this months BDS mag, to say they have found a cream to prevent infection after a bite.

  6. #6 is very informative with regards to these little Barstewards.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobt View Post
    there is something in this months BDS mag, to say they have found a cream to prevent infection after a bite.
    Its a gel needs to be applied for three days following a bite, its being tested at the moment so don't know if or when it will come on the market, initial tests are encouraging with no side effects.

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    Applications available for treating clothing to stop ticks attaching. From outdoor shops.

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    I am only just getting my energy back from having limes disease last year. I went to the doctors with the classic symptoms, without a test I was put on the antibiotics. Not sure weather it was the drugs or the disease that was worst for energy sapping.

    Not a good thing to get. I would strongly urge anyone that starts feeling drained of energy during the tick season to get it checked out. And make sure you tell your Doc that you regularly come into contact with ticks.

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    Thanks Heather Hugger- sorry to hear of your experience and thanks for sharing with us. Glad you are better now.

    Thanks to all responders and hope many more who have read this thread are reminded about this risk.

    A tick free year to you all!

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