Well bred from working stock Lab pups. 4 dogs black and yellow 1 bitch yellow. ready now. Parents can be seen. KC registered. excellent pedigree. 350 for dogs 400.00 for the bitch.

Also one Yellow dog pup from the same litter. This pup has a hernia. This is not a uncommon condition and can be corrected but not until the pup is around 18 months of age. The op is straight forward and a lot cheaper than a pup.

What we have done in the past with pups that have this condition is to let them go free of charge to a home and then the new owner becomes resposable for the operation when there vet feels it should be done. Like this the total cost is less than the price of a pup and the pup can be in its new home and training for the job. This is a chance for someone to obtain a pedigree pup at a much better price but they will take on the resposability for the op when the time comes. The hernia was coursed by the bitch cleaning the pup and removing the cord to roughly. For any details please PM.