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    Good afternoon. Recently joined & recently retired. Sports shooting since 1980, stalking since 1990. Thirty years police service, many in operational tactical firearms and Firearm Enquiries. Finished my career holding a senior post within a Firearms Licensing Department. Interested in the views, opinion and interpretation from members.

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    welcome pal i think you have retired to early if i'm honest.perhaps you could do a bit more in the leicester area they seem to be a bit behind.

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    Many thanks for your response - nice to see that I have one new friend on the forum. Rest assured that, as an FAC holder I can suffer the same frustrations as everyone else.

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    its about 8 weeks for a variation in just feels longer.must be nice to be retired and have some time to get some stalking done. enjoy

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    Welcome to the site, you may have been a it too forthcoming in your introduction ,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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