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Thread: the grouse in health and in disease

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    the grouse in health and in disease

    this book is on ebay if anybody is interested...its an original popular edition 1912.
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    What's the reserve? I personally find reserves a turn off.


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    hey there,the reserve is 75,i will pull it if there is any one here interested.

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    10 watching....

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    hi do you have both books? sure they come in a set one ilustrations and the other information. you will prob sell them but if you dont could you let me no id be interested



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    hi tim,i used to have the issue that you talk about and yes it did come in two editions,the edition that came as two was much more technical and i found was a more scientific report,this edition" the popular" is again in my belief the more simplyfied version,for the working man to understand,,,nice looking snow bike...we have the yamaha four stroke 1000cc,,,,yeharr.

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    cheers ye i think your right how did you get on with the sale? those books are hard to get hold of now so should think you had any problems moveing them

    the snow bike is some good fun just have not had the snow this year to get it out. you a keeper as well?

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    aye there,no is no sold yet but a lot of interest,yeah the snow this year was pish,we had 3 right enough,aye i am the head man at gaick.

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    might be sold payment pending........

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    hi did you get my email with the address?

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