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Thread: Bolt Handle Failure during live fire - Remi 700 XCR

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    Angry Bolt Handle Failure during live fire - Remi 700 XCR

    Hi all,

    I pulled the trigger (zeroing, not at quarry) on Sunday and had a shocker; the bolt handle on my rifle pinged off under recoil and flew past my head!

    The weld totally failed! Luckily, the sharp edges didn't connect.

    After my legs stopped wobbling I was really annoyed by this poor fabrication quality, especially as this rifle cost 1,320 new less than 10 months ago and it's had less than 100 factory rounds through it.
    1,320 is a lot for a Remington 700 I hear you exclaim! The eXtreme Conditions compact Rifle (XCR) comes as standard with a stainless action (coated black with 'diamond hard TriNyite'), 40-X trigger, fluted 20" barrel, full length bedding block and Bell & Carlson stock in OD green with black webbing. The bolt is also black mirror finished with a chequer pattern. Hence the extra !

    I assumed I was getting a high quality rifle! I'm failing to see what extreme conditions this rifle would have stood up to?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Please forgive me going off on a non-stalking tangent for a moment. Remington state they are the choice of the police and military. Picture this; you're in a contact, you take a shot, the bolt handle pings off and then all you have is a fetching green and black club in your hands with an empty case trapped in the chamber! Better hope the bad guys have failures too! Doesn't inspire confidence does it? Yep, failures happen, but I would have hoped Remington quality control would have picked up on this obviously dry joint prior to it leaving the factory?

    Any thoughts? I've heard of bolt handles coming off when trying to force an over pressured round from a 700 but not one flying off under recoil!


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    blimey scary stuff, get it back to where you baught it from and get a refund,go out and buy an old tank like bsa or parker and hale. on a serious note glad you werent hurt,atb wayne
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    Cheers Wayne! Glad you agree it was a tad hairy - the importer suggested I was being 'harsh' when I reported the issue and said how unhappy I was!


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    Response just in from Remington:

    "Edgar Brothers is our authorized agent in the UK. They will arrange for any repair that you need. This is rare to hear for a Model 700 of any type. It should not be a problem for any others you use."

    I'm not getting the feeling they are too bothered!!

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    the_cunctator - was this one of the new remington XCRII rifles or the old XCR rifles?

    I bought one of the XCRII rifles about 4 months ago & havent know anybody to own one... maybe something i have to look out for?
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion... it's just that yours is stupid!!

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    **** me . that could have been nasty. , not one for lawyers but i think some compensation should be coming your way

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    Deer Assassin - It's an XCR as far as I'm aware. I bought it last July. I hope yours is better fabricated than mine. Perhaps get in touch with Edgar Bros if you're worried? Remington's response was 'interesting' don't you think?


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    Scots_stalker - you're right pal - **** me indeed!

    I've been offered 100 rounds of .308 as reparation (155 retail inc VAT) - what's that, about 70 to the importer?? Plus I have to take down my setup, re-zero and take it to a dealer myself at my own expense/time for carrier collection prior to a warranty repair.

    Don't know how to feel!?


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    just wait till Brithunter gets a sniff of this post, you'll regret ever buying a remmington! LOL,,only joking, you found that out yourself

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_cunctator View Post
    Don't know how to feel!?

    Should have gone to Sauer...?

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