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Thread: Kennel Run Flooring

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    Kennel Run Flooring

    I've got a 7 month old Springer (no use as a deer dog, but I'm at least trying to train him to pick up). Anyway, I built a kennel for him last year. The run is concrete slabs, and I'm tired of picking wet blankets up off the run floor. He never pees in it, but he always drags his bedding out into the run so he can lie on it and watch the birdies. I can understand him not wanting to lie on cold concrete, so I made him a wooden platform to lie on, but he just ignores it. Does anyone have some kind of rubber matting on their dog runs?

    Thanks in advance, Dave

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    Cow matting or heavy duty rubber matting that's used in gym floors. 35 for a 6'x4' sheet.

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    ma wee cocker did the same pulled all the paper out her box now she just sleeps on a cow matt in her bed .Dont like the slabs better of getting the concrete floor

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    screw/nail the bedding to the floor in each corner or use light timber slats to screw and clamp down,hex heads for quick easy removal.

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    My dog too does not like to lie on cold concrete. He sleeps with my brother on bed itself now.

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