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Thread: Yesterday with Solwaystalker

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    Yesterday with Solwaystalker

    I was out for a couple of stalks with Colin (solwaystalker) yesterday.
    Id arrived on Wednesday evening and spent a pleasant evening having a couple of pints and I even managed a dram of Tomatin before an early (for me) night.
    7hours later the alarm went off so it was up and out to meet Colin for 5.30 at his place.
    We were on the ground for 5.45 and settled behind a wall to glass the clearfell ahead. After about 10minutes 3 deer were spotted off to the right about 6-700yds away, one of them looked to be a good six pointer but they were slightly wrong to the wind for us so we made our way back along the wall until we had the wind in our favour. We knew we would be noisy going across the brash but had to give it a go.
    After carefully crossing to a large boulder it was up with the binos again only to find that the much larger 6 pointer has vanished! Still the other two had headed off to the left and were now feeding on the side of a rocky knoll about 200 or so yards away. I tried to get a good rest on the boulder for a shot but it was too uncomfortable so I moved forward to a tree stump and settled on the bipod. The two bucks were now mock fighting at the bottom left of the rocky knoll with the larger of the two starting to make its way around the hill. Just as I thought my chance was going the small buck turn broadside on facing right so I took the shot and the buck dropped on the spot.
    The hairy german bitch (HGB) still has issues on running in after the shot (it WILL be trained out of her) and was off like a rocket, probably on the scent of the 6 pointer wed seen given the direction she went off in, great bloody hairy german wassock of a dog.
    We approached the buck after a couple of mins and we were both amazed at just how small this buck was. After the grollach the HGB arrived for her treat and we made our way back to the larder. In the larder the buck went 9.5kg!
    After a hearty breakfast Colin suggested we go back out again so off we went. This time we stalked in to a small rise on some clearfell with the main forest on the left. There was a single line of trees at right angles to the forest that looked as though it ran along a ditch line so we settled on the top of the rise as we agreed that the ditch line might be a good place to see a deer. No more than 10 minutes passed when the HGB raised her nose and went on what can only be described as a sat down point. Up with the binos and sure enough there was another small buck between two trees on the ditch line. Down on the bipod again and thwack. I watched through the scope and the deer dropped on the spot, gave one twitch and didnt move again.
    I grollached this one, put it in the roe sack (thank you Poppins) and we made our way back to the larder for 10.30. This one could have been the firsts twin weighing in at a mighty 10kg.
    The rest of the day was spent feeding and having a wonder around a couple of other pieces of ground Colin has then out for an evening stalk.
    We didnt see anything other than a very heavy doe during the evening but Id had a really good morning in some fantastic surroundings with a real gent for company.

    Many thanks again Solwaystalker.

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    well done, the persistant rain we are having here is having a big negative effect on the roe.
    over 4 inch since sunday.

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    we have been lucky with the weather and see deer most mornings with a few good bucks moving
    now, hope the weather holds out for goats this weekend ive got Steve coming up
    Good to see you again Tony , told you my yearlings need a feed
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    I forgot to mention Solwaystalker and I had a European full breakfast!
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    Good write up Tony . . one of these days i'm going to treat myself to a billy goat with Colin.

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    great writeup i would also like a crack at a billy . tony did you manage any pictures at all? ,atb wayne
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    Quote Originally Posted by limulus View Post
    I forgot to mention Solwaystalker and I had a European full breakfast!
    Wild Boar sausages my ar*e , welcome to Toadhall
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    There you go Wayne

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    and the second one:

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    enjoyed reading that tony best wishes john

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