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    I see in Europe they put a cap on price do you think that would be a good idea here would stop the puppy peddler.s ??

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    Hi 6p,

    I dont think it would work, and if anything it would be counteractive

    eg, if you had a fully trained BMH, would you be happy to sell the pups for the same maximum price as pups from an untrained, unproven poor bitch???
    If you had a FTCh HPR would you be happy to sell those pups for the same price as those from a lesser known line, or unproven bitch???

    And on the other sie of the coin, if you could sell pups from a poor specimen bitch for the same money as someone whos running FTch's you'd probably breed as many as you could.

    I think if the price becomes capped the only way the puppy farmers can make their money is through volume, so we would see an increase in the number of pups being bred, and a marked decrease in quality which would be detrimental to the various breeds as dogs would be bred for numbers of pups rather than quality or to enhance the breed standards.

    I think that the market law of supply and demand will, and should keep the price of good dogs higher than poorer or non descript dogs.

    I guess in the same way that if all cars cost the same would you buy a Ferrari or a Vauxhall, I think we'd all go for a ferrari, but would ferrari still exist if they sold their product at vauxhall prices ( no offence to Vauxhall intended).
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    Floyed i don't agree i think that if a price cap was put on working pups people would then know what they were expected to pay and would go to the breeds of quality. £500 I would think a good cap. I know if i were looking for a pup and they were all the same price i would go for the best working line i could. Making sure the dog had passed all its tests including health and confirmation

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    I will play your game
    I think you are right , they should cap so the price that legal and legitimate breeders who actually go out and put effort into proving their breeding should sell their pups at
    As I will happily pay less for more
    But why set such a high price , as £500 is still a lot of money for what could potentially be a pet
    Surely if it was capped at £250 it would prevent puppy farms from operating also

    2 birds with one stone
    From there stud fees should be capped to say £100 a shot , so all the best genes are also available to all
    That should stop a lot of the puppy pedlars
    Maybe those working dogs that are not registered should hav a breeding clause put on them untill they can proove good reason along with medical and DNA records
    Then All legit pups ear tattooed at cost price
    Then pedigree breeds should also undergo testing in several different fields before a breeding licence is consented
    So that once a breeding licence is issued and so could a tax code at the same time , so any of those that don't run a kennels as a business can also pay the same on the monies they make
    Now that is the legitimate breeders dealt with...
    Who is next

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    A pedigree pup of any breed here will cost you £1000 and up. All pups sold must be chipped or tattooed. All dogs and bitchs are hip scored before they can breed.
    There is a black market trade in small dogs from Polish puppy farms. This is because supply of the miniture breeds do's not keep up with demand.
    I came to England to get a springer pup. This was partly because we don,t dock tails here. The pup still cost me a £1000 by the time i got it back to Sweden.

    My neighbour breed Norsk Gråhunds. They would cost over a grand and you would have to pass an interview before you had a chance to buy one. He has no problem selling all his pups.

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