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Thread: first solo stalk

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    first solo stalk

    hi all, my mate asked me to give a hand with a gamekeeper friend of his and i ended up with 2000 acres of land to stalk with muntys fallow and maybe some roe. I decided to go out last night to have a look round and took the rifle just in case. To be honest this was to be my first stalk solo and i was hoping that i dident see anything because i was so worried about making a mess of things.Anyway i walked up the side of a ride trying to remember all the things that i have been taught by all you guys and i spotted movement in the bushes with the binos and froze on the spot. After a few seconds a fairly big munty doe edged out of the bushes and just stood and looked at me, so i gently set my sticks up and waited for her to turn broadside. She turned but stayed chest on, so i took the shot. The doe went down and i reloaded and waited a good few mins watching her with the binos she just lay there not moving and i guessed it was a good shot. I walked up and checked her eye for any reaction and there was none so i had to sit down due to shaking like a leaf and collect my thoughts.After a while i decided to gralloch the doe and to be honest this is the part i really worried about having only ever had a go with other people to help. I remembered what i had been told and i even suprised myself with how much i had taken in just watching other people. With the gralloch done, i had a fag to celibrate my first ever solo deer taken by me with my own rifle and my own home loaded ammo on my own ground. This day i will remember for ever regards tonyClick image for larger version. 

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    Congratulations on a successful first time out alone and what a result on getting some ground of your own!

    I do have to say that my first thought when I saw the picture was,....where's the rest of it?

    "If you don't belong, don't be long"

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    Well done mate!
    Sounds like it will be the first of many!


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    well done buddy, let the fun begin

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    have you got any Pic,s of the Deer fully dressed !!!! looks one helluva Munty Doe

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    Well done Tony, still waiting for mine.


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    Well done, first solo stalk and a result!

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    well done tony on your solo stalk and 1 in the bag made up for you mate

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    Well done fella... I remember my first and can remember that exact same shake, but bloody hell what a feeling!

    BTW my first munty ended up looking a bit like that because I clipped something (or bone did) in front of the diaphragm and it was a bit messy up the front end (luckily the diaphragm kept the mess contained up one end so i "butchered" as you have done)

    Would love to see the rest of the beast if you have a photo...

    Well done!


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