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Thread: Cool Box for roe transport

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    Cool Box for roe transport

    I'm looking to purchase a large cool box suitable size wise for transporting roe deer carcasses.

    This box will need to be long enough to take the deer lengthwise with head and feet off and easily washed out.

    It also needs to be able to be sealed to keep ice packs within from melting and to prevent flies etc getting in at the deer.

    This is something my council is requesting I do for my VDL.

    I'm not getting a chiller van as it is extremely small scale and, in reality, I want to be able to take it when I go shooting myself as well.

    Any ideas?

    Alternatively if anyone knows of any cheap disposable alternatives that do the same job?



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    Hi David,

    Have a look game coolers I've got one it's big enough to get a couple of Roe in or one fallow. I don't think I've got the biggest box in there range but they do keep stuff cool/frozen for quite a while... When not in use keeping deer cool they are great for storing beer in.

    They aren't cheap but they are very good.


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    Shotgun tom beat me to it... top tip save 1litre drinks bottles fill them with water and freeze them saves shelling out on the freezer packs plus you can but them in the chest cavity to aid cooling. google the icebox or coolbox company I think they sell them to bush wear.

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    Try this link they are the makers you can get one 10L bigger and 85 cheaper

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    The other company is to try is Icey-Tec......
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    I don't know exactly what your council is mandating and as you're (semi) commercial I guess investing in something hardwearing is logical... but I'm amazed at the cost of these things, hundreds of ...

    I've just had the idea of getting four of these things and cutting them so they fit together (gaffer tape and sealant), to make a cool box that will suit me for personal transport:

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAYB View Post
    Try this link they are the makers you can get one 10L bigger and 85 cheaper

    That's an outrageous mark up by bushwear!

    Quote Originally Posted by Southdowns_stalking View Post
    The other company is to try is Icey-Tec......
    I like the look of this one from the same company but 350 is a bit steep!

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    Hi David,
    I'm just thinking out loud here, so feel free to shoot me down. I've seen a product called celotex. easy to cut and shape, and an excellent insulator. Why not make yourself a plywood box with a lid large enough to fit around a plasterers bath. Line the lid with a product like celotex or similar. You can now easily wash out the bath, and have a good shaped cool box for your animals. If you feel that there is no need to remove the bath from the plywood box, then why not fill the space between the bath and the celotex with that squirty builders foam? Just looked at the commercial jobs,,,,,,OUCH they are pricey. I might start production of my boxes this afternoon, call me to place an order .

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