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Thread: Magpies in abundance

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    Magpies in abundance

    This week i have been farm sitting so have had the run of a lovely 3 storey modern farm house.

    The last two mornings I have counted 11+ magies on the back fields and so far two have been removed with the LR.

    This morning was up pre first light and put out a dead woody, plucked some feathers off it and retired to the upstairs window to commence the slaughter.

    Now normally a dead chicken or woody is infallible, guess what this am nowt, not even a carrion.

    Maggies about but not the slightest bit intrested, yesterday when I shot one it flew about 70yds down the field then expired. Almost immeadiately it was set upon by a pair who really made sure it was dead.

    Well its back to the drawing board.

    There was however a slight bright point, I spent at least 1 hour watching a doe with 2 doe follwers and a ? orphaned young doe feed/couch down 75yds away in the morning sun. No sign of a buck, typiical when your in 5* High seat.


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    When i was asked on a few occasions to sort out magpies I made the straw nest with eggs in it ( break one of them open) it never failed to attract them.....and a few other corvids

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    Quote Originally Posted by varmint223 View Post
    When i was asked on a few occasions to sort out magpies I made the straw nest with eggs in it ( break one of them open) it never failed to attract them.....and a few other corvids
    +1 Egg shells also work.

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    Have to say that where I live in N. Ireland, magpie numbers are very much on the up! Bought a Larsen trap last spring with 2 trap compartments along with the one for the decoy bird as I was fed up feeding the magpies rather than my hens. Normal routine was to check the trap before I left the house in the morning and then when I came home. Some days I was getting 2 birds in the morning and another 2 in the evening. It got to be that I didn't bother keeping a decoy bird, I just put half a slice of bread on each of the perchs in the trap compartments and found that this still did the trick. Over the course of around 6 weeks, I reckon I accounted for 60+ magpies, 2 jackdaws and 1 crow. Then lent the trap to a friends son who lives less than a mile from me who had the same problem and he accounted for another 20 odd. Where are they all coming from-I always thought they were territorial but if they cant be with the numbers I had last year!

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    I have just got a new bit of permission and was out for a walk about early one morning last week and counted 14 in one field. Will be spending a morning with the 17 HMR taking a few of these out. No wonder the song bird population is going down!
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    I always run Larsen traps in two's. Ask a mate not too far away if you can put one on his land and one on yours. When you catch the first one move it to your friends trap and when you catch one in his move it to yours. As you catch them just keep on swapping them with fresh birds. Magpies hate intruders. It's guaranteed to catch loads.

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