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    Fox Firearms

    I have been looking for some 180grn round nose bullets for my 30-06 after ringing about every gun smith in the northwest and being fobbed off by most not all, I rang Fox Firearms in Oldham or there abouts.
    After a short conversation to say they did not have any, they said there was someone on the way to the Sierra importer at that moment and they would ring me back and let me know if the bullets I wanted were available.
    After putting the phone down I though that I would probably never here anything back.
    But suprise at 7pm on Wednesday night my phone rang and the man from Fox told me my bullets were on the way and I could pick them up from his house at any time just ring first.
    I am now a proud owner of a box of 100 Sierra pro-hunter bullets 180grn round nose at a very inexpensive price.
    That is what I call good service.

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    Very good people to deal with.
    Had a lot of trouble locating a Mik-Sak bipod but they had them in stock.
    Only trouble is that it's all done over the phone ie no proper website for ordering etc.

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    Oh you been dealing with Auntie Brian then!! Should come see his shop commonly know as the age concern shop at Diggle ranges.
    Have always found him to be very helpful and good on price as well, got some brass off him the other month no one was anywhere
    near the price he was asking all way more expensive.

    Just looked he has a new web site well newer than the steam powered old one Link
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    Brian is very, very helpful and although the shop is mainly target orientated, he will go out of his way to help if he can.

    Hes also a keen stalker, whenever he can get away from the shop and phone...

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    I have one of Brians cheap target scopes I use on the range, great for the price and the advice and service was first class
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    Ive bought my gear from Brian for years
    Top Man , first class service
    Zeiss Pro Stalker and Agent for Starlght Night Vision

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    Brian is a top bloke and an expert at releiving you off money for shiney bits. If he gets you in to his liar at Diggle watch out, you gonna lose the battle.
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